August 20, 2022
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Pipeline Fact Sheet

A fact sheet or data sheet is created for each, individual pipeline system. The data sheet lists physical properties to the pipeline system, such as:

Outside Diameter Number of Inlets  
Wall Thickness Number of Outlets
Length Types of Safety Devices
Maximum Allowance Operating
Pressure (MAOP)
Number of Safety Devices
  Physical Description Pipeline System
Class Location Once the information is input into the
system, the documentation is available
24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.
Jurisdictional Status  
Product Transported  
Construction Date  

Compliance Inspections:

Documentation is the key to a successful pipeline safety audit!
Historical pipeline inspection documentation is available for as long as you wish to view. The data is available by year. All you have to do is click on whichever inspection you wish to view and the information is at your fingertips!

Construction Documentation:

Red Light! Green Light! Download your information into the system and it stays there forever. Initial hydro! Welding logs! Radiographer certifications! If it is required, there is a place to put it. The best part is that it is available to you, anywhere in the world!

Your pipeline homepage will show a red light or a green light, depending upon if the information is available.

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