July 23, 2024
SafePipe, online pipeline safety and documentation software



Traveling throughout the United States inspecting hundreds of miles of pipelines and participating in countless number of pipeline safety audits, we assembled a team of DOT pipeline safety professionals to create SafePipe. This web-based software is your solution to the ongoing pipeline safety challenges. We want to eliminate your violations caused by non-compliance and eliminate those nasty letters received from government officials stating you forgot to conduct your inspections within the time limits of the law!


CENTRALIZE YOUR DOCUMENTATION: Centralize all your pipeline safety documentation for an upcoming inspection. Stop filing all your records, misplacing your hydrostatic test chart and worrying if you missed your valve inspections... We have been involved in too many inspections where an inspection was not documented. gives you easy to use icons to inform you if the inspection is not filled out correctly.

E-MAIL REMINDERS: This online pipeline safety software will remind you (through e-mail) when DOT Pipeline Inspections are due, provide "fact sheets" of your pipeline specs and will allow you to key in inspections once they are complete. Downloading past inspections, downloading pipeline system maps, downloading your annual reports can also be accomplished on SafePipe. This system eliminates the time spent on "pre-audits" before a DOT Pipeline Safety audit.

INTERNAL AUDITS: Complete an internal audit within seconds. That's right!! It won't take you a week to make sure your in compliance when the inspector calls to audit your files. You can ease your mind within seconds and determine if you are in compliance.

OQ RECORDS: Ensure contractors and company OQ records are in compliance. Receive automatic 90 day, 60 day, 30 day and "not qualified" e-mails for all your personnel and contractors.

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