June 15, 2024
SafePipe, online pipeline safety and documentation software


About Us

Traveling throughout the United States on hundreds of miles of pipelines, participating in countless number of pipeline safety audits we assembled a team of DOT pipeline safety professionals that teamed up to create SafePipe. This web-based software is your solution to the ongoing pipeline safety challenges. We want to eliminate your violations caused by non-compliance. Eliminate those nasty letters received from government officials stating you forgot to conduct your inspections within the time limits of the law!

Security: We know your pipeline records are "confidential". When logging in, you will only see "your data". You will not be able to view anyone's data other than your own. Unless you grant someone access to your data, you are the only person available to view your pipeline system configuration and compliance.

We will continue to enhance SafePipe to ensure it assists you with your DOT Pipeline Safety Documentation needs. We assure you, it is easy, reliable and effective!

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